UK Diving Itinerary 2014

Sunday 13th April Selsey Lifeboat Station 6m – 7am in water !!
Sunday 20th April Wreck of the Indiana 10/12 meters & Worthing Lumps 8/12 meters – Leaving at 12.30am
Saturday 17th May Wreck of the Pine 10/12 meters and Gods Garden 8/10 meters – Leaving at 11.15am
Sunday 15th June Ore Wreck and the Frode 6/8 meters – leaving at 11.15am

Sunday 20th July Wreck of the Shirala 23 meters and The Waldrens 12 meters – leaving at 9am
Sunday 17th August Small Trawler 20 meters and King Mere Rocks 12 meters– leave 11.30am
Sunday 28th September Wreck of the Pentryrch or the Indiana 12 meters and a drift dive – leave at 11.30am
Sunday 19th October
Brigitta 18/20 meters or Bottle Wreck 21 meters & Waldrens or Shelly rocks 12 meters – leave at 11.30am


Please contact the Dive Centre to book on any of these trips as spaces are limited

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